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The firearms industry has been suffering from a problem that few companies have addressed properly; that is, quality firearms at affordable prices.


Brutal Arms LLC is here to change that. Brutal Arms LLC is a veteran owned and operated Type 007 FFL out of Tallahassee, Florida. We were founded by Thomas J. Devlin Jr., an 82nd Army Airborne infantry veteran, off the basic principle to produce quality firearms at affordable prices. We achieve that goal through extensive research on our products, the materials used to make each product, and price matching within the market. Our product line ranges from economical to duty purposed AR-15s, top of the line Americanized AK-47s built with premium parts at half the price of competitor’s AKs.


As a new, innovative company we always look for new ways we can take the market by storm, producing products that our consumers not only want, but products they can afford. Brutal Arms LLC’s current product line is merely the tip of the iceberg; we will soon expand to everything from custom Glocks, to AK pistols, and more.




Lord Emperor

Thomas J. Devlin Jr. – “Tyrant Tom”

“I don’t know if I’m just old school, but there seems to be something pretty gay about sucking a chick’s dick.”
 – Tyrant Tom, 2041 (colorized)


Legend tells us Tyrant Tom was the brown bastard child of the gods Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam, but at an early age he was cast out of heaven for his innate need for brutality, and his deep sexual desire for violence. Stuck as an infant in the god forsaken land of Daytona Beach, Florida, Tom was found by a diverse American couple, the Devlin family. Through the years he spent in their care he learned how to control his brutal nature, eventually finding his way to the United States Army. In this new hostile environment, Thomas thrived and became an Airborne Infantryman. Through four years of intense alcoholism, and a deployment to Afghanistan, Tom knew he was meant for more than the life of a grunt. A DD-214 later, Tomathy made his way back to the Sh*thole, Yankee and Canadian invaded state of Florida to embark on his destiny of brutality, the Destiny of Brutal Arms.


Media Whore

Austin Nistler – “Beardo”

“In the bedroom I’m like George W. Bush. I don’t pull out for sh*t, and my troops occupy for at least 9 months.”
– Austin Nistler, May 2nd, 1993


Austin Nistler is the Harley riding, Star Spangled Red White and Blue Blooded, Barrel Chested, Freedom Fighting, poon slayin’ Marine Corps veteran he thinks you wish you were. The only thing he loves more than whispering sweet nothings to his reflection is when other people do it for him.

Aesthetics Wizard

Alaric S. Crowley – “Barbaric Alaric”

“I miss the good ol’ days when you called someone a fag and the only person who got offended was said fag.”
– Alaric S. Crowley, Yesterday


A Red White and Blue wanna-be currently serving in the United States Department of Delayed Entry. This dumbass college dropout has gotten himself in a dick swinging competition with the company to which he has nothing to compare. In order get a pair he decided to waste four years of his life, and the structural integrity of his body as an Infantryman in the United States Marine Corps while no war is currently being fought.

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